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When Life Makes Sense

Increase your curiosity and open-mindedness to the maximum! This book solves the puzzle that has remained unsolved since the beginning of modern humanity: What is the meaning of life? As a result of this book's deep engagement with varied sources, you will come into contact with a unique, simple, direct, and meaningful answer that makes sense. Written for every human at a mature stage of their life, who needs to revise their life direction.

Is it important to find a meaning in this life? The meaning of life is no new topic for humans; there have been multiple attempts to discover life's meaning. This book reviews some of the proposed conclusions to the search for the meaning of life from the perspectives of science, philosophy, and faith. It then introduces a totally new theory of the meaning of life, based on evidence from the Old Testament which is equally approved by Judaism and Christianity, in addition to Quran texts. It explains every part of our lives and reveals the maestro that (conducts and) harmonizes all of life's meanings.

With its smart and sincere writing style, this book will give you true intellectual pleasure and encourage you to revise your vision and mission when you know the ultimate goal and purpose in life.

Emily Hutchinson

"I am not religious, but this book showed me how faith can help people to deal with difficulties if they believe it is part of a greater plan and they will be rewarded in an afterlife. I also liked the way the author shows that something can be taken by all of us from all religions."

Abdulmoti S A

"This book is easy to read, engaging, filled with facts and logical arguments, but indeed requires an open mind to benefit from what it has to offer. The author recognizes the importance of science, but acknowledges that science has yet to answer the important question of meaning. He therefore offers an alternative and leads the reader to come to the simple answer which can only be found through faith."

Emma Kilkelly

"This book made me think, and perhaps it made me less quick to judge and instead listen and consider other people's opinions. It gave me the opportunity to re-consider my previously held values and question them. The changes may be subtle, but long-lasting and therefore ultimately life-changing."

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