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How Do We Measure Success?

Our success and contentment should not be defined by how much money we have, the material possessions we own, or how well known/popular we become. Our success should be defined by the balance we can achieve while we work to attain our personal goals.

Often, we, as human beings, become so wrapped up in our ‘idea’ of success that we miss out on the simple, happy, moments in our lives. We turn into the prolific hamster; forever running on his wheel, yet never gaining distance from where he has been. We become ‘too busy’ to invest time in our children because we are too focused on attaining more money to afford luxuries; a newer car, a bigger home, the newest tech. All the while we sacrifice time with our loved ones. We become aware of the time we have lost after it is much too late for us to regain that time. The laws of nature do not allow us to turn back the clock and relive these moments.

Have you ever sat at a table that felt unbalanced? Perhaps the stabling mechanism at the bottom of one of the legs were broken, or missing. If one of the legs were missing, you would not have a steady surface when you begin placing items upon this table. The table itself could not bear the weight of the objects that it was purposed to hold. In a way you can view your life like the broken table. If you focus solely on upon your finances; your relationships may suffer, or your health may begin to decline due to the burden of the workload you have taken on. You could begin to doubt your purpose in life, and begin to lose faith in your religious practices. However, if you balance your table, meaning you consider your health, think about how your choice will affect your social life, and leave time for your spiritual practices, then you will be more content with the choices you have made.

Success comes from the satisfaction of knowing that you have weighed your decisions accordingly, and you are at peace with the decisions you have made. Time is the most valuable asset we have. How we choose to invest our time will determine our relationships, financial situation, physical appearance, our perception of life, and in turn affect our inner tranquility.