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Does Happiness Really Exist?

At the beginning of my book, 5 Essentials Dimensions, I discuss the concept of happiness and whether it is really possible. Every one of us seeks happiness in our own way. Some watch sport, or date girls. Others collect rare items. While those who find happiness in a bottle believe it is to be found in their favorite vintage. Whatever our belief, ideology or taste, we all believe that we can find happiness if we search hard enough, and we pursue it like a cure. But does this happiness really exist?

Although life offers many pleasures, the people who purvey these pleasures conveniently forget to warn us that they are temporary pleasures. The sweetness of food fades in moments. The pleasure may be intense, but by the time the food has been swallowed, the pleasure has ended. All life’s vanities are short-lived. Yet somehow in our minds we transform these fleeting moments into something more enduring. When in fact, pleasure is just a series of short-lived moments. It is these false memories that trick us into believing that we should strive for enduring happiness, when we ought to know that such happiness does not exist.

If you are seeking happiness, here is news that will not make you happy. Everlasting joy does not exist on earth; anyone searching for it will be disappointed, and anyone who claims it is either bragging or trying to sell something. Seeking endless happiness leads to frustration and discontent, because it is reaching for the impossible, whereas seeking tranquility is a much more realistic goal. Tranquility is peace of mind, emotional stability and inner satisfaction. In order to reach tranquility, we need to keep the 5 dimensions in balance.

Tranquility leaves us in the right frame of mind to enjoy occasional moments of joy.

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