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How to Find Balance in Our Lives

We cannot reach our potential as individuals unless all five of our life dimensions are balanced. Everything in this universe is balanced. We are also naturally balanced. Rather than asking how we can attain balance in our lives, we rather need to look at what the obstacles are that prevent us from being balanced. Each of the five dimensions has its own tools to reach equilibrium. For example, one of the obstacles of reaching financial equilibrium is thinking too much about wealth. We only need to use 20% of our minds and we will reach our full potential – our mind capacity should be distributed equally between the five dimensions, not only thinking about wealth.

Balance is not a single objective, it is a group of balanced dimensions that once achieved makes our path straight and our goals clear. Just as a successful student must master all his courses before graduating, so we must attain equilibrium in all the essential elements that constitute our life. We cannot achieve equilibrium while leaving parts of our life unbalanced.

In my book, I discuss the obstacles to equilibrium in each of the five dimensions. For more information about my book, visit Amazon.

How to Find Balance in Our Lives