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Social Dimensions

Thoughts and insights to understand ourselves and others

This book solves the puzzle that has remained unsolved since the beginning of modern humanity: What is the meaning of life? As a result of the enormous thought-mining work in this book, you come into contact with a unique, simple and direct answer that makes sense.

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This book is a magnifying glass that reveals social dimensions so that when we make our day-to-day decisions, we will be able to know where those decisions end and where they intersect. This book reveals the needle eye of our social life to allow us to see it accurately, and it may reveal other social openings that no one else can see. These openings are the skills we need to be successful in our lives because not having those skills will make us fragile. There are many broken people around us; some talk to themselves, while others talk to us but we do not know what they are saying because they do not know how to express themselves. Some people cannot get rid of their negative ideas; others have destroyed their bodies with drugs. Some cannot stop doubting everyone around them. Life requires that we deal with the damaged and the socially incompetent as well as with those who are whole. If they had skills to understand their reality and deal with it, they would not have broken, and if we had known what was wrong with them, we would have become more skilled in dealing with them. This book provides the tools we need to avoid clashes and alert us when danger approaches danger. Without those skills, there can be no real success in our lives. Life is ever more complex, and so also are the skills complex and our need for them greater.

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