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The Five Balances Course

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Life management is one of the most important skills capable of achieving goals and changing reality for the better. 

In this course, you will learn how to manage your life and consciously help others by sharing your coaching skills.


Target group: 

Those interested in self-development 

Consultants, teachers, leaders, coaches, motivators, employers 

For everyone who wants to develop their life, performance and productivity


Course objectives:  


Course contents:


Duration of the course:

40 hours of training


Attending the course:

You can attend the course in person or online from anywhere in the world 

In the event of participation online, it will be as follows:

Online participation is on the Zoom app.

Participation is in small groups to ensure the quality of explanation and interaction

The sessions are scheduled according to a pre-schedule that suits the conditions of the participants and takes into account the time difference between countries


How the course works: 

The course consists of live interactive sessions


Course passing exam:

1. Preparing a complete mini training package (the material is according to the trainee's desire and will be explained during the course)

3. 30-minute audio recording of a single coaching session 

4. Provide a complete case study with details of the course of the sessions and exercises (it will be explained in detail during the course)


Course certificate:

An international certificate accredited by the International Academy of Training and Coaching is granted in London

The International Training and Coaching Academy

The advantages of the certificate are that you become a certified coach in the academy 

You can be a member of the academy by paying an annual fee 

- When implementing training courses, you will be able to issue and purchase certificates from the academy after approving the training material that you will provide and approving it in the name of the coach at the academy


session gift:

When you register for the course, you will get a detailed file of the NLP course for free, and you can take the exam and when you pass the exam, you will be eligible for a NLP diploma.


Course discounts:

Sibling discount

Group discounts

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