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Venezuela twins


The Kuwait Airways plane that took me to New York stopped at the Irish Shannon Airport, to be re-inspected, and after our plane flew, which had no 360 chairs showing any TV programmes, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and its lousy toothbrush fell in my mouth

Fringe of the West


I surrendered my back to the therapist to massage me and relieve me of my excruciating pain, on the last day of my vacation in the English countryside. It is true that it was my vacation in which I was supposed to stop writing, but during it I worked 8-10 hours to revise the English version of my book.

Every News is a Bang


I don't know, what attracts me to the quince fruit? For those who do not know it, it is a yellow fruit, not soft to the touch, and oval in shape, like the American rugby ball, except that it has bulges and bumps, but its taste is a mixture of apple sugar and the bitterness of lupine. If you want to check the hardness of your teeth, bite them without cutting them

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