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5 Essential Dimensions

Celebrated self-help author, speaker and columnist, A. A. Alebraheem’s newest book reveals a game-changing new theory to develop decision-making maturity. The theory is based on the premise that our lives have five dimensions – the financial, social, internal, physical, and spiritual. We cannot reach our full potential as individuals unless all five of our life dimensions are balanced. If we neglect any of these dimensions, the ensuing disharmony destroys our tranquility and can wreck our lives.


The fresh and insightful perspective presented in the book helps readers recognize how the five dimensions relate to their lives. It outlines how to identify successes and areas that need development; the book also illustrates patterns of self-sabotage and how to avoid them. Readers will gain extensive knowledge about how to bring these dimensions into balance. Personal and professional goals then become easily attainable in every direction and dimension.


We need to consider the five dimensions in all our decisions in order to live a balanced, successful, and tranquil existence. This refreshing, motivating and persuasive book will help you to keep the five dimensions in balance while making decisions for a better life.

Mamta Madhavan

“An insightful and thought-provoking read. The prescriptions in the book, if followed properly, will bring satisfaction, contentment, and tranquility, equipping us to handle the ups and downs of life. The book makes us understand that life is a test and we need to make proper choices so that we can take control of our lives.”

AA Pearce

“This book puts forth some very insightful theories about the human condition and how we can use that knowledge to better our lives. The ideas and theories in this book made perfect sense to me, and I’m really glad I found it. I’ve already implemented some of the suggestions for reaching internal equilibrium and feel much more satisfied, even happier as a result. Highly recommended!”

Elizabeth Train-Brown

“I do enjoy reading motivational books and spiritual guides but this was quite unlike anything I've seen before. The author so flawlessly entwined a theory about dimensions with our lives and perfectly explained strategies to help us in those dimensions that can easily be adjusted to individuals. Overall, I've actually written a list of every tip and snippet of advice that really struck out to me in this book- I'm genuinely looking forward to putting these methods into practice.”

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