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Venezuela Twins

The Kuwait Airways plane that took me to New York stopped at the Irish Shannon Airport, to be re-inspected. on my seat, and I wondered to myself, for God's sake, you lines: What are you doing? Give me a toilet paper cover I put it like the rest of the lines I don't want a bag with perfume and socks!

The view that accompanied me from Shannon Airport to New York was my consolation on a trip that was not worth its price. This view is most people dream about (I left a picture of it on my Twitter account). For 6 hours, I watched the sunset view that did not leave me for a moment and prevented my eyelids from sleeping. I completed my trip to Florida and was surprised that the Venezuelans had overrun the taxi profession. After Venezuela was a rich country, many of its people were displaced by poverty. In 1999, Chavez rose from the extreme right and used state resources to increase oil production only. He did not diversify sources of income, and he continued this policy to turn Venezuela into a rich country with the rise in oil prices, but the decline in oil affected his people, and all attempts behind him to replace the currency His other reforms will not change the fact that Venezuela imports its own food and does not have the money to buy enough for its needs. We do not want to follow in the footsteps of our twins Venezuela. Like them, we do not grow wheat or rice, and we import most of what we eat, and India will not feed us rice for free. Comes with a bag of rice. We did not preserve our national product and did not spare the white horse for the black day, and the billion-dollar fund remained to support medium and small projects. We want it to contribute to an industry that brings us money from abroad, in order to target the manufacture of a desirable product from the world that will benefit us in crises, such as pants, a bag or shoes, so “Tod’s” Italian shoes sell for 750 million dollars a year, and in every country they have an exhibition to bring money from. We do not want oil prices to go down to discover that billions of the fund were spent on restaurants, sweets and entertainment. We enjoyed the time of prosperity and there is no buyer for it in the time of calamity.

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